RATIO Oxygen Analyser

RATIO Oxygen Analyser


Professional, Reliable & Fully Automatic Gas Mix Analyser for iDive Edition & iX3M Edition Dive Computer


Simply plug the accessory to your IX3M or iDive and transform it in a professional Gas Mix Analyser with a real time, completely automatic Gas Analysis. Using the external oxygen analyzer, your AIR, NITROX, TRIMIX iDive or iX3M dive computer will check the calibration and atmospheric pressure to perform a perfect analysis of the oxygen level in your bottle.

Atmospheric Pressure Calibration Automatic
Sensor Status Validation Automatic
Battery Status Check Automatic
Sensor Calibration Automatic
Sensor type Electrochemical
Sensor model Vandagraph R-22VAN or Analytical Industries PSR-11-39-MD
Range 0.1-100%
Resolution 0.10%
Accuracy +/-1%


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