RATIO Wireless Air Integration

RATIO Wireless Air Integration


Color-Coded Wireless Pressure Transmitter for Dive Computers Ratio iDive & iX3M Edition Dive Computer


Wireless pressure transmitter for dive computers Ratio iDive and iX3M. It transmits the tank’s pressure to the dive computer by the new 3 light coded transmitter.

This wireless pressure transmitter for computers Ratio iDive and iX3M is a major innovation in the field of wireless transmission of diving information.

This wireless transmitter provides compatible Ratio computers with information about the pressure measurement in the diver’s bottle. But above all, it has a LED that informs the diver the level of pressure remaining in his bottle:

  • Green: up to 100bar
  • Yellow: from 100bar to 50bar
  • Red: less than 50bar


It is a visual information that can be transmitted to the eye of the diver by an optional optical fiber that attaches to the hose of its regulator. The transmitter operates using a rechargeable lithium battery with the supplied USB cable with the computer.

It is compatible with computers Ratio 2017 such as:

    • iDive Easy Sport, Deep Sport, Tech + Sport
    • iDive Easy Avantgarde, Deep Avantgarde, Tech + Avantgarde
    • iX3M Pro Easy, Pro iX3M Pro, iX3M Pro Tech +
    • iX3M Pro GPS Easy, iX3M Pro GPS Deep, iX3M Pro GPS Tech +, iX3M Pro GPS Reb
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