TYPHOON XCU 200g Thinsulate Undersuit

TYPHOON XCU 200g Thinsulate Undersuit


The Typhoon XCU 200g Undersuit is perfect for colder waters where you need slightly more insulation. It is also ideal for longer and deeper dives where keeping warm is an absolute must for safety.

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The Typhoon XCU 200g Undersuit is ideal for those dives in colder water, made using the same materials as the 100g undersuit but with double fill for extra warmth. Thinsulate insulation is ideal for use underneath drysuit as it still provides insulation when crushed, so it still works when your suit is compressed. It will also retain good insulation qualities when wet ideal for those long dives where you may have a small suit leak. Thinsulate is also capable of wicking moisture away from your skin which helps to keep you warm further by replacing moisture with air. The Typhoon XCU 200g Undersuit features elasticated ankle and thumb loops which stop the legs and arms from riding up when donning your drysuit. A double front zipper makes getting in and out of the suit easy while allowing comfortable routing of a p-valve hose.

Typhoon XCU 200g Undersuit features:

  • 200g Thinsualte insulation
  • Ree-Tec outer lining
  • Ankle and thumb loops
Size Maximum Chest (cm) Maximum Height (cm)
Small 91 168
Medium 102 178
Medium Broad 117 178
Large Medium 107 183
Large 112 188
Large Broad 127 188
X Large 117 193
XX Large 122 198


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